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I love bringhi for its plainness and it has a very mild zest. There aren't any strong-flavored ingredients that spar, relatively they match each other. It has an allusion of sweetness from the coconut milk and vegetables and the aroma and flavor of the banana leaves is heavenly. Sticky rice and banana leaves are made for each other, with sweet and with savory dishes.
For me this recipe is 2 thumbs up.
3 tablespoons cooking oil
1 tablespoons minced garlic
1/2 cup chopped onions
1 kilo chicken wings, cut into serving pieces
Salt and pepper to taste
1 teaspoon turmeric powder
3 cups glutinous rice
4 cups chicken stock
4 cups coconut cream (kakang gata)
1 medium size red bell pepper,cut into thin strips
2 heaping tablespoons raisins
6 eggs


1. In a nonstick frying pan,heat oil and saute garlic annd onions.
2. Add chicken wings.
3. Season with salt, pepper and turmeric powder.
4. Add glutinous rice and continue sautéing
5. Pour in chicken stock and coconut cream.
6. Allow to simmer over low heat until rice is cooked, stirring occasionally.
7. Add the red bell pepper strips and raisins.
8. When rice is cooked, let pan sit over low heat for one to two minutes or until a golden brown crust forms at the bottom of the pan.
9. Flip into a large serving platter.
10. Put eggs on the top before serving.


mav said...

My favorite! My Mama is from Pampanga and my Papa is from Negros-- we call this Arroz Valenciana yumm!

Thet said...

Yup! One of my favorite as well. :) Happy reading :)

Fafi said...

I love this. We call this Kalamay in Bataan.

paige said...

Ate, kanyaman na naman nini. :)
Makamiss ma mangan bringhe hehehe

Thet said...

@p;aige thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Thet, kanyaman, dacal a salamat. My hubby is kapampangan so I really want to learn how to cook bringhe the kapampangan way.

Sassy Chef said...

Wow! Ngayon ko lang nalaman yung luto na yan pero it looks really delicious! :)
See you around!
Much ♥,
Sassy Chef Recipes and Reviews

Thet said...

thanks sassy chef

Rain said...

Hi Thet! :) Im Rain from Pampanga. :) I've been researching on bringhe and i stumbled on your page. :) Its fascinating.. I'll be havin' an event this December 2011 here at SM City Pamapnga titled: My City, My SM, My Cuisine. Other SM malls are doing this event too. This aims to feature heirloom recipes of each province that is worth teaching the new generations. And for Pampanga, the featured recipes are bringhe and tibok-tibok. we'll be havin' a cook-off on bringhe and I know your from UAB (but if you might come home) or you may know someone from here who knows how to cook bringhe (or has other version of this with a twist) may join. :)thanks!

Thet said...

hi rain. thanks for droppin' by.. thanks for info.. lets see if i can join :) have a good day

Anonymous said...

nyaman n po niyan!! paborito!!! lalu n patse mumuli kareng bario!! salamat poh!!!

Anonymous said...

sarap ini pantunan ku recipe
deng ikit ku puro la ating chorizo or seafoods
tnx ^^

Anonymous said...

My paborito.......

dennis said...

manyaman ing lutong kapampangan!

Anonymous said...

Manyaman ya sana nung ing ginamit yu angge ali tumeric powder kc ing lasa na aliwa mas manyaman ya.Pero dakal salamat keka Thet.... FROM: AURORA,Illinois....tnx.

Ley said...

so masarap! thanks for the recipe! i'll be preparing this for the New Year's Eve!

Anonymous said...

Wow i'll cook dish today coz its my princess bday...hope i can make it! By d way im from Pampanga,Angeles

Anonymous said...

atatandanan kupu atse, mekapangan ku keta kekatamu dinen dyamuring kasoy nuts hmmmm asmeng nyaman,,,,,,

FlyDotCom Head said...

Thanks po sa pagdalaw :)

thetsims said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you can add spanish chorrizo.. cooked garbanzoz and chicken gizzard and liver would be my grandma used to make..

Joy said...

To Fafi from Bataan: We do not call bringhe "kalamay" in Bataan. We call it bringhe in Bataan. Note that it used to be that only the rich and affluent family prepared bringhe, especially during fiesta and the Christmas holiday.

This recipe is excellent. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Philip Bondoc Yambao said...

I too am Kapampangan from Masantol. Our version of "Biringi" as we call it has more ingredients. Aside from the chicken and bell pepper already mentioned we also include carrots, potato slices, pork liver and green peas. We do not top ours with eggs.

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